From the late 1980’s through the 1990’s the “girl power” movement and the music born from it was embraced globally. Women everywhere whole-heartedly incorporated the “girl power” movement into their personal philosophies and demanded a platform for their voices to be heard. The founding mothers of Rap were the vanguard of this movement.
Artists like Lauren Hill, MC Lyte, Boss, Eve, Lil Kim, Remy MA and of course, Queen Latifah, broke the gender barriers by embracing all aspects of their femininity with bold, passionate lyrical styles. Those styles ranged from the “in your face sexiness” to hurricane strength declarations of empowerment and freedom. They remain the Rap Goddess of their time. The Goddesses of Rap 2017 Tour brings fresh faces to the forefront and captures new fans with consumer dollars.
Support for The Goddesses of Rap 2017 Tour. Rap This is more than a tour…it’s a PHILPSOPHY. Empowered women like those participating in this tour are personally dedicated to uplifting, healing and motivate others. These gifted artists are committed to giving back to every community. The platforms of this tour are HIV/AIDs Prevention and Awareness, Domestic Violence and Teen Suicide. This is also the first LGBTQ inclusive tour. These are issues that cut across all demographics.
The Goddesses of Rap 2017 Tour is committed to connecting with the local support organizations representing all three platforms and invite them to share their resources with our concert goers. Our internal sponsor the I AM DOPE movement will provide free condoms at every event in support of AIDS prevention.
Our tour will headline with a nationally recognized Femcee (female hip hop artist) and will be hosted by Todd Wharton, CEO & Founder of LTC & Creator of The One Love L's Up Global Movement & Concert Series For Unity
The Goddesses of Rap 2017 Tour Dates are as follows:

ST LOUIS – August 19th

DALLAS – August 26th

ATLANTA – Sept 2nd (Atlanta Pride Weekend)


TOLEDO – Sept 16th

DETROIT – Sept 23rd

Las Vegas - TBA (Co-host The Original Spindarella)

NYC - TBA (Co-host The Original Spindarella)

There are many exclusive opportunities to market your brand and increase your visibility and profit margin with The Goddesses of Rap 2017 Tour. Your involvement, through sponsorship of the tour, with our three “Community Give Back Components”: AIDS/HIV Prevention & Awareness Domestic Violence and Teen Suicide Prevention Your sponsorship will serve to remind our audience of your brand’s individual commitment to the support of these issues in their own hometown. What a great chance to garner the goodwill of your consumers!

For more information on the tour, sponsorship and performance consideration, please send your inquiry in full detail to and CC